welcome to phase two

One year. Two fat babes. A dream. (And dozens of Clueless references).

We could not be more grateful for your loyalty, for growing with us, and cheerleading as we play this wildly exciting, everchanging game.

We launched Premme as a love letter to our community, and over the last year we’ve only fallen deeper in love, with a greater understanding of all the things that make you swoon, jump for joy, and feel outrageously confident in your body. Listening to the feedback we received from our community about Premme has helped us shape Phase Two.

We’re done with “collections”. At least for now. We want to be able to take the time to perfect fit and design on each and every style we launch, with as much attention to detail as possible. We hope you’ll keep walking with us on this journey because what’s next is going to really knock your crop tops off…

don't miss it

we're here for you, babe

Premme was born out of a love of fashion and the recognition that the industry is still lacking when it comes to the wants and needs of plus size women. We believe babes of all sizes deserve bold, fashion-forward statement pieces without compromise. At Premme, we think that clothing should be about expressing your personality and having fun, not feeling limited by society’s current fashion rules.