Top 10 3/4 Acoustic Guitars Recommendations For 2024

The 3/4 acoustic guitar is a beautiful instrument that has been played for centuries. It’s a versatile instrument that can be used in many different styles of music, and it has the potential to be played by anyone who wants to learn. 3/4 acoustic guitars are acoustic instruments because they don’t use electricity to produce sound; instead, they rely on the vibration of strings (either nylon or steel) and wood (the body of the guitar). This means you can play a 3/4 acoustic guitar anywhere! You don’t need an amplifier or any other equipment besides your hands. Acoustic guitars come in all shapes and sizes, and there is one out there perfect for you.

It can be hard to find the perfect acoustic guitar, but we’ve got you covered. There are so many different types of guitars out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. We have a great selection of acoustic guitars for sale at all price points, so no matter what your budget is, you’ll find something that will work for you. This article will cover ten of our favorite models in order from least expensive to most expensive! These are some of the best-selling acoustic guitars on our site because they’re affordable and sound amazing – just take a look below! 

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3/4 Acoustic Guitar Reviews 2024

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar
  • The FG Junior is a 3/4 sized guitar modeled after the acclaimed Yamaha FG Series
  • The JR1 has a smaller body and shorter neck, perfect for young players or those with smaller hands

The Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar is a fantastic guitar for kids. The size is perfect for children because it has a smaller body and shorter neck. The sound this guitar produces is great for travel or if you like taking your guitar with you when you’re on the go. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an acoustic guitar that’s perfect for children. I’ll admit at first I was hesitant about this guitar. It’s way cheaper than the other guitars on the market, but it really is a great guitar. The sound you get from this guitar will be far better than any electronic device that sounds like an acoustic guitar.

I’ve been playing the violin for 10 years myself, so I knew what to look for when trying to find a junior-sized acoustic guitar for my nephew’s birthday gift. This fits the bill perfectly! My sister loves having him learn an instrument and he definitely uses this 3/4 size totally awesome Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar over his electronic learning tools because he thinks they are babyish. The price is excellent considering all of the features included – Gigbag included for safe storage and easy transport. Saddle material: Urea which is better than plastic or wood, so it will last much longer.

For the price, this guitar is unbeatable. I was really surprised when my nephew finally let me play it because I sounded great on an instrument that costs less than $100! The build quality is good too, especially considering how affordable it is. This Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar guitar would be a good choice for children who are taking their first steps in playing guitar or any adult looking to learn to play with an affordable guitar without sacrificing sound quality.

I don’t think you could find anything nicer on sale for under $200 if you tried. For the price, I certainly wasn’t expecting much, but this certainly is a great-sounding guitar. For those looking for an acoustic-electric 3/4 size that’s within the budget of most players – you will love this Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar.

I’m not one to write product reviews, but here we go: If you need a small travel guitar and don’t want to spend big bucks on expensive products or cheap guitars that sound poor and fall apart, this is the best option out there! This is absolutely my favorite acoustic guitar and I’ve never seen anything like it in stores (although I haven’t been looking either).


– Great quality and affordable

– Perfect for travel

– Nice sound. Compares to expensive guitars 

– Would be better if it had a strap button on the body


– Looks a little cheap with matte black color

– Gig bags are included for safe storage and easy transport. Saddle material: Urea 

-The strata bound neck has a bolt-on it that makes replacing strings difficult. A proper setup would fix that issue if it is a problem. 

– Might be too small for someone over 6 feet tall 

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag and Accessories Bundle
  • The FG Junior is a 3/4 sized guitar modeled after the acclaimed Yamaha FG Series
  • The JR1 has a smaller body and shorter neck, perfect for young players or those with smaller hands

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Student Acoustic Guitar delivers outstanding tone at an affordable price; perfect entry-level guitar for beginner players Laminated spruce top and mahogany back, sides and neck deliver a strong tone with well-balanced lows and focused highs; nylon strings are easier on beginner’s fingers. Yamaha JR1 3/4 Acoustic Guitar features spruce top offers superior sound projection while rosewood back & sides offer classic warm tone; mahogany body provides balanced tonal response for optimal listening pleasure; die-cast tuning machines add to this guitars classic good looks.

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Acoustic Guitar is a great product to have when you want to play or practice your songs. But I don’t recommend it when recording because the studio’s microphones will pick up all types of noise and your song can get distorted depending on what headphones or speakers that you use. The spruce top and rosewood back and sides sounds like the real thing but the one that I use in my headphone has no distortion at all which is very important for me. If you want to buy this product, click on the link above or on the picture!


– Size is perfect for young players or those with smaller hands

– Very affordable because of the quality it brings

– The sound quality is great and can project well


– Tuning will often need to be adjusted

– Strings are not the best quality

– Picks up pops and clicks when recording

Acoustic-Electric Guitar, 36 Inch 3/4 Size Junior Travel Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Bundle Spruce Top for Beginners 

Vongoa 3/4 Size Electric Acoustic Guitar, 36 Inch Acoustic Electric Guitar with Free Gig Bag Case, Right Hand Cutaway Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Junior Travel
  • ✅[Bright Warm Sound] The 36 Inch acoustic-electric guitar features an improved AAA spruce top, Sapele sides & back producing a brighter sound at high frequency and warmer tone at middle frequency. The Orchestra model body offers the acoustic-electric guitar a clear and outstanding sound, a well-balanced tone at high frequency. Perfect for fingerstyle, country, and blues music genres
  • ✅[Play Acoustic or Electric] The 3/4 acoustic-electric guitar produces a bright and warm sound as an acoustic guitar when you play the guitar unplugged. The onboard 2 bands EQ (Bass and Treble) and amp jack allow you to amplify and modify the sound easily to meet your need for emotional expression. Ideal for home practicing, busking, street show, and even stage performance

The 3/4 size acoustic electric cutaway guitar adopted non-scalloped standard X-bracing, selected spruce top, sapele back & sides offering warm, bright, well-balanced sound, suitable for all music styles. The 36 inch acoustic electric guitar is equipped with two built-in EQ (bass and treble), amp jack and volume control allowing you either amplify the sound and shape the tone of the guitar to meet your need of emotional expression when playing the guitar. The tuning can be done anytime or anywhere because of its built-in tuner. This acoustic electric guitar also comes with almost everything you need for getting started including a 5 mm zipped padded bag, adjustable guitar strap, extra strings, truss rod allen key, user manual, clip-on tuner, amplifier cable and capo. 


– Sound can be shaped as desired

– Built in tuner for quick tuning 

– Comes with a lot of accessories to start playing right away.

– Cons:

– The features don’t really make it stand out from other acoustic guitars

– Not overall exceptional quality, but should work for beginners or those who need a quick guitar to start with.

Pyle 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar-3/4 Junior Size 6 Linden Wood Guitar

Pyle Classical Acoustic Guitar 36” Junior size for beginners with starter kit - Steel String Guitarra Acustica Pack with Travel Gig Bag, Tuner, Picks, Strap for Students Practice, Kids, Adults
  • 36” BEGINNER GUITAR SET: Pyle brings you a complete all-in-one acoustic guitar set, everything you need to start playing. The guitar comes with a gig bag case, pitch pipe tuner, spare strings, pearloid picks, cleaning cloth, and a gift card
  • JUNIOR SCALE SIZE: A junior scale 6 string guitar perfect for use on lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, onstage performances or when practicing at home. Has a traditional classic body style great for beginners and children learning to play guitar

Despite being a great guitar, the Pyle 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar-3/4 Junior Size 6 Linden Wood Guitar is not without any flaws. For those who are looking for a guitar with an easier to play neck, this may not be the best option as this has a pretty heavy neck. In addition, it is important to take note of its size as it is much smaller compared to other guitars.

Without a doubt though, it makes for a good beginner acoustic guitar set which comes with everything that someone who is just getting into playing guitar needs. It has all the accessories that you need which will make it easier for you to practice and enjoy playing your guitar. Moreover, it also includes a gig bag case which is perfect for storing your guitar while travelling or if you plan on bringing it to band practice. Bottom line, the Pyle 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar-3/4 Junior Size 6 Linden Wood Guitar is a great choice for those who are just getting started with playing guitar, especially young children. It comes with everything that someone new to this instrument needs and buying all of these accessories would make things pretty expensive. With its beginner ready features, it will be easy for you to get started even if you have zero experience in playing guitar before.

Although this may not be the best option for people looking for more experienced players, overall the Pyle 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar-3/4 Junior Size 6 Linden Wood Guitar makes for a good choice for beginners.


– Affordable 

– Comfortable neck and headstock 

– Durable, lightweight construction for travelling and easy storage in a gig bag case 


– Smaller size than other guitars

Donner 3/4 Acoustic Guitar Kit 36 Inch Dreadnought Acustica Guitarra

Donner 3/4 Acoustic Guitar Kit 36 Inch Dreadnought Acustica Guitarra Bundle for Beginner Adult Youth Travel With Steel String Spruce Wood Gig Bag Tuner Pickguard Right Hand
  • Most Complete Beginner Guitar Package: Donner acoustic guitar kit includes 36 inch acoustic guitar, padded gig bag, strap, digital clip-on tuner, capo, pickguard, extra pack of steel strings, 4 celluloid picks and clean cloth. Comes with most necessary accessories beginners need. A cost-effective guitar set saves time on buying accessories additionally
  • 36 inch Dreadnought Body : Perfect combination of tone and playing comfort. More pronounced and punchy for picking or lead. Improve comfort of players with small hands. A great beginner guitar for adults, etc. 3/4 scale 36 inch small dreadnought body features it’s more portable for travel, gig or class

The Donner 3/4 Acoustic Guitar Kit 36 Inch Dreadnought Acustica Guitarra may be the perfect guitar for beginners. It is affordable, lightweight, easy to tune, and has all the accessories that you could need! The tuner that comes with this kit is digital which makes tuning easier than ever. This guitar also includes many extras that other starter kits don’t provide such as a strap, extra pack of strings, capo, pick guard, and more. All in all, this is an excellent beginner’s guitar package!

Overview This bundle comes with 3 great instruments that will help you get started on your musical journey. It includes a small size classical guitar that has nylon strings making it perfect for beginners. The next item in this package is the 5 string electric bass guitar. This easy to play instrument has 4 nylon strings and 1 steel string which makes it similar to the standard 6 string bass guitar without all of the complication. Lastly, this package also includes an amplifier so you can plug in your instruments and start playing! Highlights Small size classical guitar with nylon strings. 

The Fender 15 Watt Guitar Amp is a great place to start if you’re just learning how play an instrument. This small classical guitar with nylon strings makes it easy for beginners, and because of its low price make them perfect as well! The 5 String Electric Bass Guitar also works wonders in teaching those who have never touched one before what all the buttons do on their basses or guitars. With features like scalloped X bracing this particular model has been proven by Cordoba C5’s team over many years – they know exactly which ones will help teach even more people without breaking bank accounts too much while still maintaining quality craftsmanship throughout every part.


– Affordable

– Lightweight

– Durable Scalloped X Bracing for better resonance, fuller sound and less fatigue on the neck. 


– The guitar has nylon strings which means sometimes it is hard to get a nice clean sound out of the instrument

Fender FA-15 3/4 Scale Kids Steel String Guitar

The Fender FA-15 3/4 Scale Kids Steel String Guitar is a perfect guitar for beginners who are aged 6 to 12 years. The size of this guitar is ideal for small children, and the quality of the sound produced is on par with even mid-range full scale guitars. The materials in this package are a great value for a beginner in the acoustic guitar world. It has everything you could need in order to start playing right away, including an Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD that will teach you all about acoustic guitar basics.

The guitar itself is a standard 3/4 size, which is perfect for children. It will sound excellent as soon as you open the box because it has been created using quality materials and craftsmanship. The walnut bridge enhances the tone of this instrument with its warmth and brightness. This package also contains an instructional DVD by Austin Bazaar so kids can start learning immediately. Fender FA-15 3/4 Scale Kids Steel String Guitar : This is probably your best option if you’re looking


-This is a quality guitar that will sound excellent when you first open the package.

-The walnut bridge enhances the tone of this instrument with its warmth and brightness.

-There are plenty of instructional DVD’s included in this bundle so kids can start learning immediately, including Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD for basics on how to play acoustic guitars.


-This guitar is a little too large for one of the most common smallest sizes.

-The guitar’s price may be a little high if you’re on a budget.

Pyle Beginner 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar – 3/4 Junior Size 6 String Linden Wood Guitar

Pyle Classical Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch Junior Size Beginner Starter Kit Steel String Guitarra Acustica Bundle Pack with Gig Bag, Tuner, Picks, Strap for Students Practice, Kids, Adults
  • 36” BEGINNER GUITAR SET: Pyle brings you a complete all-in-one acoustic guitar set, everything you need to start playing! The guitar comes with a storage gig bag, digital tuner, spare strings, picks, cleaning cloth, and a detachable shoulder strap
  • ¾ SIZE SCALE: A ¾ junior size 6 string guitar 36 inch perfect for use on lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances or when practicing at home. Has a traditional classic body style great for beginners & children learning to play guitar

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar to start playing, the Pyle one is perfect. It’s affordable, quality made and it has everything you need to get started. I would recommend this to anyone looking to start playing the guitar.

This is an amazing product. For the quality you are getting, it’s really well priced. This guitar has everything I need to start playing right away. It even comes with a few extra items like picks and strings, which most guitars don’t come with. The case that this guitar comes in is also very nice and it has enough room to carry all of my accessories as well which i love because there is nothing worse than having your guitar strap get stuck between other items in your bag when you’re trying to put them away for example.

It’s not just me who likes this beginner 36″ classical acoustic guitar either! My 11 year old son commented on how he liked the color design before I had even the box so I knew then that he would be happy with the guitar itself once I got it out of the box. The design looks just as good in person as it does online so i’m really glad that i went with this color option. I was extremely pleased when my Pyle acoustic guitar arrived today. Everything came as expected, the color is beautiful and the case fits everything perfectly (tuner, extra strings etc). The quality of the sound was surprisingly great for such an affordable price. Good quality, easy to tune. Like the case that comes with it. I’m very pleased with this purchase.


– Affordable

– Great sound quality for a 65 dollar guitar

– Comes with tuner, string, picks and strap which is great for beginners who need everything all in one package

– Comes with protective bag


– Not a con per say, but the strap is a little bit thin which makes it slightly uncomfortable after long amounts of time. you could easily replace this but for now it works just fine.

Hola 3/4 Size (36 Inch) Acoustic Guitar Bundle Junior/Travel Series

Hola! Music Acoustic Guitar Bundle for Beginners and Kids - 3/4 Size (36") Guitars -"Natural"
  • QUALITY DESIGN - This kids guitar features a smooth spruce top with a mahogany back, sides, and neck. With a glossy finish and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, it won't just be the music that's turning heads.
  • SET INCLUDES - Our beginner guitars are a complete set! You'll get a padded gig bag with a front compartment, backpack straps, and a handle, 3 picks in different sizes, a pick-guard, a hex key, and a strap.

The Hola! Music HG-36N 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar Bundle Junior/Travel Series is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of guitar playing. It comes with accessories including gig bag, strap, cable, picks and tuner. The guitar is designed with spruce top and mahogany back and sides for great sound. This guitar features a natural finish that will give it a luxurious look.

This bundle includes everything you need for beginners! The Traditional Tortoise Shell like pattern celluloid binding on body & neck provide a classic look, while the satin finished rosewood fingerboard provides comfort during play. A compensated saddle with synthetic bone / TUSQ nut combination makes it easy to hold onto comfortably and geared die-cast chrome tuners ensure superior tuning stability at any time of day or night – perfect even if this guitar is being used by an advanced player who wants something affordable yet still sounds great in their collection too!.


– Great price

– Comes with tons of accessories

– Fits beginner needs and expectations


– String quality could be improved to provide a better sound

WINZZ 3/4 Spruce Acoustic Guitar

WINZZ AF168C 3/4 Spruce Acoustic Acustica Guitar for Beginners Students Kids with Advanced Kit Right Handed, 36 Inches
  • FIRST CHOICE - Quality, affordable and attractive, 3/4 size 36 inches dreadnought acoustic guitar is great value for money that represent the best entry level guitar ideal for beginners
  • BALANCED SOUND - Handcrafted spruce top and “X” bracing structure offers both bright and warm tone that has excellent acoustic properties and great extension and response from both the highs and the lows

This is a great guitar as a first guitar, but it may be too big for those who are the age of 11 or 12. It is said to be 36 inches long, which can make some people feel more comfortable on the guitar. The sound is also balanced and has a warm tone to it. Playing will not be difficult for beginners, since the body is short and slim. Playing chords on this guitar would make it easier to play because of how thin and small its sound board is. There’s only a few complaints about the product, but overall these complaints aren’t big enough to change someone’s mind on buying this product. As soon as you get past some minor issues that may come up with this guitar, then you’ll see everything else that makes it work great!


– Great for beginners

– Balanced sound

– Easy to play

– Looks great with smooth lines and a beautiful wood design throughout


– May be too large for most children under the age of 10.

Vangoa 3/4 Size Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

Electric Acoustic Guitar 3/4 Size - 36 Inch Acoustic Electric Guitar Cutaway Acustica Guitarra Bundle for Beginners and Students, Spruce Top, Guitarra Electro Acustica by Vangoa
  • ✅[Guitar for Beginners] At the entry level, people make a decision based on the guitar looks. Our Acoustic Electric Guitars featuring epic affordable six strings for beginners is designed to set you on the right path with your guitar playing. 3/4 Acoustic Guitar with 0.019" thinner Spruce top bridge features Orchestra Model producing a bright and clear sound
  • ✅[Convenient for Recording] The electric acoustic guitar with pickup system can produce sound acoustically as a regular guitar. The ¾ size acoustic guitar has a built-in tuner, 2-Band EQ (Bass and Treble), and volume control offering the option to plug into an acoustic amp, mixer, or PA system of plugging in on stage for a Live or Studio Recording

This is a wonderful guitar for beginners because it has everything they need in the starter kit to get started. It is beautiful and it is durable, not like other guitars that are made of cheaper materials. I would recommend this guitar to anyone who wants to start playing the guitar.

I like the size of this guitar because it is small and very light weight. I can easily play with it even though my arms are not as long as other people’s. It has an easy plug in so I can play through a microphone for a public show or, if I want to record myself playing, I just use the audio interface that came with the kit. Overall this was a great purchase because it let me start learning how to play guitar without spending a lot of money before finding out if I liked playing the guitar or not. I would definitely recommend this instrument to all beginners, especially those who have shorter arms because the smaller size makes it easier for them to reach around from fretboard to fretboard. You also get everything you need in the starter kit so they don’t have to go out and buy anything else before they start. I love this guitar and I am sure that anyone who purchases it will feel the same way about it as I do.

The most important feature of a beginner guitar is how easy it is for them to learn on. The size makes a big difference because children and adults with shorter arms can play comfortably without having to stretch too much or fight against their instrument just to reach around the fretboard. It also comes with an audio interface, which makes recording music easier than using YouTube videos like some guitars come with, and everything else you need in a starter kit so they can get started immediately instead of wasting time trying to find what you need to play the guitar.


– Lightweight and easy to play with short arms

– Comes with all the necessities in a starter kit

– Beautiful design

– Very affordable price

– Great for beginners or children because of its compact size


– The action on the neck is a bit high but this should be easy to fix with a little work

Acoustic Guitar Benefits

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With an acoustic guitar you have two options, you can choose between a dreadnought or a 3/4 size guitar. Dreadnoughts are known for their deep sounds while 3/4 guitars are more compact and have higher frequencies. The style of your guitar depends on what type of music you’re playing, but most often both styles are used together in order to get the best out of each one. The type includes classical, folk & flamenco which vary in weight and strings height compared to normal steel-stringed ones. For the overall quality it’s important that your guitar stays in tune while you play, gets a beautiful tone for extended periods without going out of tune and the sound projection is good enough for you to hear yourself playing.

If you are in the market for a 3/4 acoustic guitar, there are some benefits that you should be aware of. If these benefits sound good to you, it might be time to check out some reviews on quality guitars. The best way to find a quality product is through researching reviews and customer feedback on products they have purchased before making your decision.

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Acoustic Guitar Benefits:

-Improve Your Fingering Ability

– Improve Your Strumming Technique

– Increase Your Creativity

– Improve Your Chords

– Learn To Play Faster

– Gain Confidence In Yourself

– Have More Fun

– Quality Guarantee

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Finally, you want to know if it’s a good idea to invest a large amount of money into a guitar that you’re not sure you will stick with or if it’s better to wait till later on in your career as a musician before purchasing one. The truth is there are quality guitars for very cheap prices so it might be more beneficial to invest your hard earned money now because as time goes on you will become better at knowing what suits you best rather than testing out every type until years down the line when you finally figure out which one is right for you.

Factors To Consider When Choosing 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

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3/4 acoustic guitars are the perfect size for children. 3/4 means 3 quarters of a full-sized guitar, and 3/4 sizes are typically used by kids between the ages of 7 to 12. This also make great travel guitars because they never take up too much space in a suitcase or in an overhead compartment on an airplane. If you’re looking for a 3/4 size acoustic guitar, here are some things to consider when picking one out:


3/4 acoustic guitars are used by children, so they shouldn’t cost too much money. This guitar ranges in price from $40 to $100, though you can bring the price up to $200 if you’re looking for something with more features like built-in pick up and volume control. 3/4 size guitars usually don’t have cutaways which limits their ability to play higher notes on the neck, so the price will go down because they aren’t considered “full-size” guitars.

Sound Quality 

3/4 sized guitars usually don’t sound as good when plugged into an amp or when recorded through a microphone (although they do sound greatoustically), but that’s to be expected with 3/4s. These sized guitars sound good enough for kids and beginners, but if you plan on becoming a professional guitar player, acoustic guitars probably won’t sound great even when plugged in to an amp. 3/4 size guitars do make great travel guitars because they’re not as fragile as full-sized models or dreadnought 3/4 acoustic guitars. These are also made of cheaper wood than dreadnought which affects the overall quality of their sound.

FAQs about Acoustic Guitar

best guitars for beginners

– What are the best materials for 3/4 acoustic guitars?

The most preferred materials for an acoustic guitar are solid wood for the best sound quality.

Solid tonewoods generate a clear, resonant sound which is treble with good sustain, as opposed to guitars with laminated woods. The density of solid woods helps acoustic guitars withstand change in humidity and temperature over time. A plywood usually has a bright tone without much bass, even if it is made with mahogany or rosewood instead of economical pine or birch that is often used as an alternative. The choice between a steel string and nylon string has pretty much been decided at this point by personal preference. The strings have their own benefits and drawbacks but both provide rich history in the world of guitar-making.

– Is it hard to learn on a 3/4 Acoustic Guitar?

It is not hard to learn on a 3/4 acoustic guitar. In fact, these guitars often have a bit of a slimmer neck for those with smaller hands or those who want faster fretwork.

But beware- some people do experience difficulty in playing this type of guitar because of its significant difference from the widths of more traditional acoustic guitars. It is advised that one practices regularly and can maintain constant connection with the strings while moving up and down the instrument’s neck. If any sign of discomfort arises, then it’s best to explore other options before continuing too long with playing this type of 3/4 size acoustic guitar.

– How loud do 3/4 Acoustic Guitar get?

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It depends on the size of the 3/4 Acoustic Guitar. Smaller 3/4 Acoustic Guitars tend to be quieter because they do not create as much or as air resistance, while larger ones are louder. However, some cheap 3/4 acoustic guitars can only generate up to 60dB or so accurately. Thus, if you’re looking for louder expressions in your instrument then it would be wise to spend upwards of $200 and go for a more expensive model that will give you higher volume expectations.

– Do I need to buy an amp and other gear for this type of 3/4 acoustic guitar?

Unless the 3/4 Acoustic Guitar is specifically made for amplification, then no.

Instrument makers primarily make these guitars for live performances where loudness is not a necessity- thus the guitars needn’t be modified with additional hardware. But in order to produce louder sounds from an acoustic instrument, one would have to amplify it through a PA system or pickup which screws into the end of a guitar’s string and sends vibrations into a magnetic coil.

Some guitarists prefer to use amplifiers when playing 3/4 acoustic guitars primarily because they’re more comfortable due to their size, lighter weight and slimmer necks when compared to other types of guitars- though there are many reasons why some players have stuck only with the acoustic experience.

– Why should I get an 3/4 Acoustic Guitar from Amazon?

At, we carry acoustic guitars from the top brands in the industry at a lower price than you’d find at most retail stores- and we offer great deals on shipping.

We offer quick and easy shipping with delivery service to any address – including P.O boxes, military addresses, and rural homes- usually within just two days. We also ship internationally to over 100 countries around the world without having to worry about customs or duties if your order is $200 or more!

Amazon provides free returns for items shipped by Amazon so all purchases made from us can be sent back for up to 30 days as long as they’re not fulfilled by third party sellers for whatever reason (up until now). It’s so easy: fill out a

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In conclusion, 3/4 Acoustic Guitars are a great choice for those looking for a lightweight and easy to play instrument. They’re also cheaper than most other types of guitars as well as being easier on the hands. Furthermore, because they don’t require amplification or additional gear in order to produce sound, this type of guitar is perfect for live performances where loudness isn’t an issue- but can be amplified with pickups if desired. My recommendation for the best guitar in the list is WINZZ 3/4 Spruce Acoustic Guitar. It is great for beginners with a balanced sound and easy to play. 

WINZZ AF168C 3/4 Spruce Acoustic Acustica Guitar for Beginners Students Kids with Advanced Kit Right Handed, 36 Inches
  • FIRST CHOICE - Quality, affordable and attractive, 3/4 size 36 inches dreadnought acoustic guitar is great value for money that represent the best entry level guitar ideal for beginners
  • BALANCED SOUND - Handcrafted spruce top and “X” bracing structure offers both bright and warm tone that has excellent acoustic properties and great extension and response from both the highs and the lows

On Amazon you’ll find both cheap 3/4 acoustic guitars that will only cost around $150-$200 USD and more expensive ones ranging from $500-$700 USD which have higher quality features such as better finishes and electronics. Whatever your budget, maybe there’s something out there just waiting for you!

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