Beginners guide to Acrylic Nails in 2021 | Pros Cons & Tips

Acrylic nails are becoming popular among women day by day, and many people are questioning its reliability, nails and teeth are a beauty ornament in every woman’s body, but to decorate them and keep them updated is a feat, and no one can do it alone. You need to invest some money to make your teeth and nails look good. 

As not many people are able to prepare their nails at home, therefore consulting a salon or podiatrist is the only option for them. You cannot just go out to any random salon and expect for the best acrylic nails, not only this there are several advantages and disadvantages of the acrylic artificial nails too. So, a wise customer will consider all of them before choosing to get the acrylic nails. 

You never known if the tools they are using are clean, you might not know if it will cause toenail infections or other nail issues. There can be numerous other issues, if you are planning to have acrylic nails, then this can be your guide to find the best acrylic nails safely. 

Pros of artificial nails 

  • Keep your natural nails safe from the harmful effect of enamel. 
  • Acrylic nails are aesthetically more pleasing, as you can get these in different shapes and sizes too. 
  • You do not have to think about the acrylic nails decoration for the next two weeks after having them, which means that it is easier to have them. 
  • These are durable; unlike natural nails you do not have to worry about the breakage.  
  • You can rebuild the older designs. 
  • The best alternative for women with weaker nails, they do not have to worry about the nail breakage. 

Cons of artificial nails

Acrylic Nails
  • Proper hygiene is necessary otherwise, your nails will get infected. It can lead to skin infections or permanent nail damage too. 
  • Removing the acrylic nails is very difficult. You cannot do it at home unless you have some technical certificates for it. It can only be done at a saloon. 
  • The chemicals used in pasting acrylic nails on your natural nails smell awful, and they are harmful for the health. Those with some breathing issues should avoid it. 
  • It can stop the growth of natural nails. 

Tips for having the acrylic nails safely. 

As it is not a simple process, and you will need to follow some tips therefore we thought it necessary to mention them. You should observe the saloon technician as well if they are following these tips or not. 

  • Always select the most reliable saloon for the nail extensions or a good podiatrist. 
  • You can always choose a better option like for fake toenails, Keryflex artificial toenail works great, and you can read more about it on
  • Consider all the pros and cons, to understand if you really want to have the nail extensions. 
  • If it is your first time do not go for longer nails, it will make you uncomfortable. The best nail size for beginners is the smaller nails. 
  • Choose some colors which should look neutral and go with all kinds of dresses. As these nails will stay for as long as 15 days, therefore, you should consider the types of events you will be attending in this period.    
  • Always check the hygiene standards, unsterilized tools are not recommended especially for women who are pregnant or suffering with diabetes, it will become a stubborn infection, which can only be treated after a treatment of six months. 
  • Check if the chemicals used are safe, and you are not allergic to any of the used creams or lotions. 


Acrylic nails can increase the beauty of your nails, as it is a new trend and many people do not know about it, thus one need to gather knowledge regarding it to have a safe experience. We have discussed every necessary detail for the beginner. If you want to get cosmetic nails done for you, you can check on bvfootclinic, where highly professional podiatrist will help you get it done safely.

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