How To Dress An Hourglass Figure Casually: Some Clothing Fashion Tips

Suppose you have an hourglass figure; congratulations because only about 8% of women in the world are fortunate to have this lovely figure. But do not be confused that having an hourglass shape can wear everything you want. The sand bronze body will be pretty challenging to wear compared to what you think. Many women always find it uncomfortable to choose clothes because their bodies are not as easy to wear as small, slender ones. That is why in this article, I will show you how to dress an hourglass figure casually simplest, including some tips on how to style a restaurant t shirt for a more casual look.

We’ve been active in the modern world for quite some time, and my clients also have people who have fallen into this situation. Therefore, the following things will be beneficial to you.

We’ll go through some information about hourglass bodies and how to dress the best and best casually. Keep reading PRM to keep up with tips for how to dress an hourglass figure casually in 2023.

  • What you will need to follow this clothing fashion tutorial
  • Instructions for dressing clothing in an hourglass figure on different occasions
  • Note when mixing clothes for an hourglass figure

What you will need to follow this clothing fashion tutorial

Before coming to the tips on how to dress an hourglass figure casually, there are a few things you need to know and should be aware of to be able to dress up to suit your body best easily. Let’s check it below here.

What is an hourglass body?

As its name implies, the hourglass body is the “ideal” look that few women get because of the top-down balance with a slim waist relative to the shoulders, chest, and hips. The bust and hips are about the same size, while the waist is about 25cm smaller than the bust and hips. 

It is not necessary for an hourglass figure to have the standard model height and measurements but to be plump as long as the sizes of the rings are in proportion to each other. When you gain weight, the excess weight is usually divided evenly across your balance curves.

Along with the pear-shaped body, the hourglass figure is considered very feminine because of the “bee waist” curves from the waist up and the waist down. The hourglass figure is the size between the bust and the buttocks equal or close to the small waist; this figure is still called ‘the waistband.’

The balance sizes between chest and buttocks

  • Small and clear waist
  • Clear body curves
  • The shoulders are slightly rounded
  • The thighs are medium or slightly large
  • Often when you gain weight, the weight increases steadily throughout the body

General characteristics of hourglass body

What beautiful body hourglass wear? Your goal is to make the most of your curves but don’t overemphasize. Having an ideal body doesn’t mean how you dress, but consider enhancing the beauty of your body, from emphasizing your beautiful waistline to making it look slimmer. 

Your shoulders and hips are not too broad apart, and your waist measurement is about 22cm smaller than your hips. Not every hourglass-shaped woman has large breasts. When measuring your body, the difference between your waist and your hips will determine if your figure belongs to an hourglass group. Therefore, some women with small breasts also own an hourglass shape, even those with small or relatively thin stature.

  • The upper and lower body is quite beautiful; the body has many curves.
  • Hips and chest enlarged.
  • Fat usually accumulates in the chest, arms, hips, thighs, and abdomen, but very little.
  • The waist is smaller than the bust 1 & 3.
  • Quite like the organs of the Endomorphs and Mesomorphs.
  • The body is quite ideal for women.

Some rules for matching hourglass bodies

Show off your well-proportioned body by using your waist as the focus. Corsets or bustier sleeves are great for revealing the curves of your bust and waist.

Enhances the body’s best features, such as the plunging neckline and the diagonal torso, to emphasize the curves of the entire chest. If you have good shoulders, you can wear a top with a halter top. Avoid high necks and under-bust lines as they hide your slim waistline. Use opposite colors and motifs to show off the balance of the body.

Both large or small version belts enhance the beauty of the hourglass body. The best way to wear a belt is to wear it at the smallest part of the waist. Blouses, dresses, shirts, jackets with belts will make your look more luxurious.

Choose clothes with simple, classic cuts like the queen’s trophy line and avoid frills with too much detail as they can make you look heavy. Don’t use breast bags or wear bulky square clothes as they hide your curves. If you have a small body, don’t overwhelm your body with large prints, oversized shirts, pants, or too-long skirts.

 All wide-leg pants and jeans, flare, and shorts will make your hips slimmer because they are slightly open in the future. Conversely, small leggings will highlight your hips, but it doesn’t matter if you are confident and want to show off the curves of your beautiful hips. If you’re going to wear breeches or straight leggings, balance your look with a loose-fitting shirt or have accents that draw attention above the chest and neck area.

Instructions for dressing clothing in an hourglass figure on different occasions

Here are a few tips for hourglass people in choosing clothes on each occasion. Let’s check it out!

Find stylish clothes

Look for tops, jackets, and skirts that emphasize the waist. Since the hourglass shape has the tiniest waist, clothing tied at the waist will perfectly show the curves. entire

Wide-necked, boxed tops with pants or high-waisted skirts are also an excellent way to press on the waistline. You must make sure the shirt is comfortable for your chest.

Avoid wearing clothes that are sleek or too tight. If you wear loose clothes, the whole body will drown in it and make you baggy, not sexy. On the other hand, clothes that are too tight will look uncomfortable and draw attention to slightly overweight areas.

Instead, find clothing that fits snugly; It will help you look comfortable and feel more confident. If you have problems with areas that need to be slimmed down on your body, consider wearing a fit – but not too tight – made of supporting materials such as knitted, denim, and stretchy fabrics.

Choose a V-neck shirt, a wide neck, and a boat neck to highlight the chest. Whether you like to show off your breasts or want to be discreet, if you have large breasts, it’s best to choose a shirt with a neck that creates an angle or curves. For example, a V-neck will make your chest look smaller because its sharp angle draws attention down to the waist.

Boat collars are collars that extend from shoulder to shoulder so that they will show off your graceful blue straps. The wide-necked shirt creates corners for the face and shows the blue belts but does not reveal the cleavage like the V-neck. Avoid high-collars like polo shirts, turtlenecks, round necks, which will make your breasts bigger.

Avoid clothing that is heavy on the hips or chest. Avoid lace trim or waist-length ruffles. Since your body has curves, every detail added to those parts will make you heavier, and the proportions will be out of proportion.

One exception is the vertical lace on a shirt, which can make breasts smaller.

You should also avoid wearing stripes across your chest or hips, as they make the area look more prominent.

Wear underwear that fits well. When your body has many curves, it’s essential to make sure your underwear provides and supports it correctly. For example, the bra should fit comfortably and lift the chest comfortably, and it should not be pressed against the skin. If necessary, get a professional bra at the store to find out exactly which size is right for you. Please read this link for more details about underwear for hourglass

When choosing underwear, choose the unlined type if you prefer the full-butt pants, which will help prevent the seams from under your outfit. You can also wear thongs to make sure no seams come out underneath your outfit.

Style up on casual occasion

You can wear a hoop jersey T-shirt with bell-leg jeans as a casual outfit. Jersey is a lightweight, and soft woven fabric often used to make T-shirts and other casual shirts. As long as your outfit fits, the jersey will gently hug your body, leaving you feeling cool while remaining in shape. Bell-leg pants with a light flared section will help balance the hip curves.

Get a feminine look in casual outfits with a flared dresses and tennis shoes. 

The flared dress is the perfect outfit to show off an hourglass figure as it hugs around like a T-shirt, and the skirt is spread out at the hips. This dress can be worn to school, work, or hanging out with friends – just pair with low-heeled sneakers, bag your bag and go.

A choker necklace is a trendy accessory that will make you a lot more beautiful. If your style is stronger, try wearing a flare dress with ankle-high boots. Add some personality with ripped mesh socks and black eyeliner.

Wear a short skirt with a well-fitting T-shirt if you want to show off your legs. If you love your sleek legs and want them to be the highlight of your look, wear a wide-necked T-shirt, miniskirt, and low-heeled sneakers. The t-shirt will be discreet enough above to accentuate the legs that show off below, giving you a playful and eye-catching look.

You can choose T-shirts with shoulder accents for extra flairs, such as studded stones or lace trim.

Wear a bomber jacket to stay warm during the cold season in an excellent style. The bomber jacket has an elastic band around the waist, perfect for drawing attention to it. They are comfortable and can be worn every day, in a variety of styles.

Leather bomber tops, for example, look great on boyfriend jeans as well as with fluffy dresses. Try wearing a satin bomber with tight jeans, high heels, and a colored V-neck T-shirt for a hip-hop look that’s perfect for an hourglass look.

Style upon special occasions

Choose a peplum shirt and dress to emphasize your waist. The peplum shirt is usually hugged close to the waist, then spread out to the back of the pants. When the peplum dress looks like a shirt, the only difference is that there is a pencil skirt. The peplum outfit itself defines the shape of an hourglass, so it will perfectly enhance your curves.

For example, try wearing a peplum with jeans and pointed heels for an evening out.

Try wearing an empire dress to show off your best look. The empire dresses have the waistline pushed up to the chest legs, emphasizing the narrowest part of the hourglass figure. The rest of the skirt falls off on the belly and hips, making this skirt perfect for hourglass figures.

For example, if you go out to eat with friends, you could wear a pillow-length empire dress, canoe sandals, large earrings, and multicolored handbags. These dresses are also suitable for wearing to work too!

Wearing a short jacket is another way to draw attention to the waist. When you wear a waist-length jacket, it draws your eyes to that area. This is the perfect and sophisticated way to show off without a belt.

For example, you can wear a satin sleeveless top with an A-bottom skirt, and then add a short brocade jacket, a great look for a formal event.

Wear an event-style jumpsuit with a tight waistline, both beautiful and elegant. If you wear a jumpsuit with lightweight materials such as chiffon, lace, and silk crepe, it is as stylish as a dress and as convenient as wearing pants. Find a style that enhances your waistline without adding details on your bust or hips, no matter what event you’re at.

Along with a jumpsuit, you should wear updo hair, high heels, ample earrings to have a look that everyone must look up.

You can choose a short skirt for a special occasion to make it sexy. The skirt fits tightly onto the body, so it’s a great way to show off the hourglass look. However, this type of clothing will reveal the flaws you do not want; if any, consider choosing a dress with stretchy material to compliment you.

Bandage skirts are examples of a hugging skirt—style with a skirt with ankle-length boots, bold eyeliner, and messy hair for a rock-n-roll look.

Style upon working location

Wear a blouse, tailored to fit, for a bright and luxurious look. If you wear your tailored blouse, your breasts will be comfortable while still showing off your waist. If you wear the same leggings, you will look very professional, decent, but still comfortable to complete the work during the day.

Try mixing with low-heeled shoes and a large necklace to add a subtle, simple part. A waist-tied t-shirt is also an eco-friendly choice for the workplace.

You can also wear a trench coat if it’s a classic style. The trench coat is never outdated and is suitable for most people, but it exceptionally flaunts the hourglass figure. Wear a trench coat over your outfit that fits comfortably, or belt your belt if the outfit is flowing or smooth to emphasize your waistline.

Try the combination of neat bun hairstyles and low-heeled shoes for a beautiful and professional office look.

Dress up to work every day with a wide-neck blouse, flared pants, low-heeled shoes. A bright blouse, comfortable pants, and ergonomic shoes are a great way to look good without drawing a lot of attention to your figure. All you have to do is rotate these blouses around, and you have multiple variations of the look to work every day if it makes you feel comfortable. If you are not satisfied with heels, then wearing a flat sole is fine.

Wear a wrap skirt for an easy professional look. The wrap skirt is designed to look like a piece of fabric wrapped around the waist. This versatile outfit is suitable for many people yet still flaunts an hourglass figure the most. Another advantage is that you can put this dress on when you are in a hurry and still look very decent.

Combine it with neat low-bun, handy low-heeled shoes, and you’re ready for the day’s work.

Invest in a single-button jacket or blazer to wear to work. A suit jacket or blazer is an excellent choice to look professional and a unique, single-button dress that flaunts an hourglass look. They’re versatile too – a blazer can be worn with a blouse or dress, so take the time to find one that fits you. In addition, if you can afford it, do not hesitate to spend more to buy quality, durable goods.  A double-row blazer increases your bust size.

Wear a high-back pencil skirt for a sophisticated office look. The pencil skirt is designed to hug the body, and the high-back skirt hugs the smallest part of the waist. You can combine this dress in various ways, such as boxed with blouse chiffon with low heels or wearing a blazer with a blazer.

For example, you can wear a boxed sleeveless shirt in a pencil skirt and then put on a light blazer with the sleeves rolled up.

Note when mixing clothes for an hourglass figure

Top – Collar For Hourglass Figure

The form/neckline should NOT lose the natural body lines, such as adding lines or widening the shoulders.

A round or slightly rounded neckline is an excellent choice for your body type. For example, Oval collar shape, V-neck collar because these necklines do not widen or narrow the neck or shoulders and do not draw attention to the collar. In addition, the cup-neck shape, or a U-neck collar, helps to flatter your bust.

If you don’t want to show off your bust, avoid shirts with deep and wide collars. Instead, there are boat collars, square collars, or standing collars (Turtle Necks). These types of collars will not make your upper part bigger than it really is and still retains the natural curves from the body.

Note: Do not wear a too high collar because it will make you have a bigger bust than the rest of the body, losing the existing balance.

Top -Sleeves For Hourglass Figure

Just like the collar shape, the sleeve should NOT lose balance on the body. The best sleeve designs for hourglass shapes are medium sleeves (hug), hugging, short sleeves, low sleeves (3/4), and arms hugging at the wrist (Bishop).

If you still want to wear a short-sleeve shirt, make sure to balance your lower body (pants, skirt) too high so as not to lose your natural proportions.

Avoid wearing oversized, patterned sleeves as these sleeves both lose balance and attract attention to focus on the upper body, not accentuating the already balanced beauty of the body.

Top – T-Shirt for Hourglass Figure

You should choose shirts that focus on the waist area while still keeping the balance of the pose and keeping the natural curves. For example, the shirt should fit the body, the designs with laces at the bottom of the shirt, or the shirt with the waist tied like a wrap.

If you want to accentuate your waist and butt curves, you should stick the ao dai to the hipbone (a medium-fitting shirt). This shirt will make you look thinner and show off your waist. Avoid wearing tops with large patterns or bow ties or with too many patterns as this will make you look bigger (fatter) and lose balance.

Pants And Jeans For Hourglass Figure


Pants that match your shape are pants that help keep your body’s natural (curves) shape. You should harmonize shirts and pants to optimize your body’s balanced advantage.

Wide-legged pants and shorts that are posed vertically from hip to leg are the styles that best match an hourglass figure.

The pants shape with a slightly wide and slightly tight thigh at the end of the leg and the bootcut shape is also ideal pants for you.

A mid and low waistband will usually make your butt bigger, so it’s up to the shirt you wear to balance your buttocks with your bust.

Hourglass looks should avoid wearing those bulging pants just below the waistband (belt). Pants with pockets directly in the front or accent patterns just above the waistband. Choose pants that are just the right size, not too wide, and not too bulky right below the baggy.


Like pants, Jeans should also create a balance of the body, keep the body’s natural balance (natural curves).

Often, the Jeans (jeans) are plain and straightforward, such as a bootcut or shorts, which are jeans (jeans) that match the hourglass shape. Jeans with wide, vertical, slightly bulging (tapered) jeans are the styles you will wear well.

The height of the mid and high waistband usually makes your legs appear longer than they are.

You should avoid low-waist jeans as it will make your hips appear wider than they are, and the legs seem shorter, which loses balance. You can read this link for more type of jeans for an hourglass figure

Skirts And Shorts For Hourglass Figure


The skirt is one of the perfect choices for an hourglass shape because it creates balance for the (natural) very simple body.

One of the skirts that best suits this pose is the pencil skirt. The skirt shape is designed to highlight curvature and straight from the thighs to the legs, creating a perfectly flat curve.

In contrast, the A-shaped skirt with the bulge below the bottom is also an excellent choice for an hourglass figure. Puffy skirt legs, bulging pleated skirt legs, and tulips skirt legs also make you shine because these dresses make your waist look smaller than it is.

Make sure you choose high waist skirts because it helps accentuate the slim waist, the best length of the skirt is up to the pillow. It makes your lower part beautiful and balanced by the small waist, hugging buttocks, and the bottom of the buttocks have a natural droop.

Avoid wearing standing skirt designs with adhesive material. You should also avoid wearing skirts that have a lot of volume in the pocket, and with too large bulging or large textures, and stand out from the waistline.

In particular, you should avoid wearing low waist skirts because it will make your butt bigger and become rough, disrespectful, and lose the characteristic curve of the hourglass figure.


Shorts must be a form of pants that does not lose the natural balance of the body. Shorts make your waist seem smaller, try shorts with a large waistband. Show off your bee waistline by putting the shirt underneath your pants.

Avoid wearing shorts with vertical cuts, too bulging in the pocket, and stamping glasses at the waistband. In particular, stay away from low-rise pants or shorts with too much texture on the waistband.

Dress for Hourglass Figure

As well as the above combinations, dresses should keep your natural proportion without losing curves on the body unless you don’t want to hide your curves.

A waist-length dress or a strapless dress is one of the great options for this figure. Or dresses like a wrap (Wrap). It helps you keep curves and less belly. Flared round dresses (skirts) or tulips (skirts) with few patterns will be your alternatives.

The length of the dress to the knee should not wear the clothing too short because it will make the butt bigger, losing the balance of the shape.

If you want to hide the body’s curves (because many women don’t want to show off their curves), choose dresses with straight cuts or plain skirts, pockets, or boxy skirts. If you’re going to show off the curves of your body, you should not wear these poses.

Jacket for Hourglass Figure

A nice short jacket (vest) should fit well and with a belt that will look nice and keep the curves of your body. Single-breasted blouses and no additional buttons, reducing details that lose the balance of the shape.

A short jacket with a length at the hip will help create an accent on the waist. If you have a compact body, stick to this look, it will help you exude the advantages of an hourglass shape.

Avoid wearing short coats with too many textures or that undermine your natural beauty. Unless you want to lessen those curves, choose coats that are medium-width not to make a big difference between the waist and the top and bottom.

Accessories For Hourglass Figure

You will stand out with a Retro style scarf since hourglass shapes will usually have a medium or large bust, so you won’t want to increase your bust size with an accessory. So, choose small, delicate accessories.

You should choose bags with a round shape or oval shape, bags with cross straps, with a bag length to the waist (smallest) on your body, or when you put a bag just below the foot to draw attention to the slim sections.

The belt is an accessory. You should have at least one black strap because your shape has a small waist (bee). If you want to emphasize this feature, just add a belt to make a difference.


Possessing a seductive hourglass body is the wish of many women, but few people know that an hourglass body makes it difficult for women in the process of choosing clothes to suit every situation, place and still ensure to be beautiful and respectful of your physique. Therefore, the above are a few tips on dressing an hourglass figure casually based on my experience that I shared with all of you. Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will get a few personal tips on choosing a map and mix for yourself. 

You can also check out the article on beautiful dresses for more choices in your wardrobe. 

If you have any additional questions or comments, do not hesitate to comment below so we can know your thoughts. If you love this article, please share it with everyone to have solutions in choosing their outfits.

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