Secret Of How To Dress Well Women – Be Yourself

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear”– Marc Jacobs. Is it time you got your look changed? Add to your daily clothes a touch of elegance and class? Perhaps you have a new career and need a new, classy business informal attraction, you might have switched to a new place, or perhaps you need just a change to reflect who you are. You wonder how this transformation can be made and how to dress well women?

They all seem to be guilty of taking less than smart options available to our wardrobes, from hanging around old clothes which never get worn in impulse purchasing items that would not have many as one outing. But this must not be the way.

Or the minimalists are always looking for simple and beautiful outfits. However, if you do not know how to coordinate properly, your outfit will lose its aesthetics because of the monotony.

I’m and our team going to walk through all the ins & outs in a sophisticated, trendy, and sophisticated theme for the secret of how to dress well women:

  • Fashion – the beauty of women
  • The meaning of fashion
  • Step by step, how to dress well women
  • Things that affect when you dress up
  • Tips
  • Q&A Part
  • Closing thought

Fashion – the beauty of women

To touch beauty is to touch life and freedom

Abandoning the thought that “fashion is just clothes on the body”, now the concept of fashion has completely changed, not simply the outfit, fashion is also a new language. show your body’s emotions, your way of describing yourself, and fashion is your art, and you express your own beauty.

Fashion is a common aesthetic expression at a particular time, place, in a particular context by using clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body proportions. Unlike trends that typically imply a distinct aesthetic expression and often last less than one season, fashion is a special expression, supported by the fashion industry that is often associated with seasons. and collection. Style is a manifestation spanning many seasons and is often connected with cultural movements and social signs, symbols, class and culture.

Though often used together, the fashion term is different from clothing and outfits. The first term describes the material and technique of a garment, while the second is used to refer to a special feel such as luxury or makeup. Instead, fashion describes a social system and timing that “activates” the dress into a social cue for a given moment and context.

“Women must be beautiful”: Privilege God bestowed on women

Calling women a woman means that everyone wants women to be beautiful, styled and attentive in dress, walking, and gestures. In particular, when going to the streets, at work, or out in society, women have to pay more attention to preparation. Why do women not only “should” but also thoroughly beautify?

It is not natural that the saying “a beautiful woman always has a gift” is so famous. In fact, beautiful women always attract and receive the attention and favor of everyone around. Moreover, the ancient people once said and in fact also confirmed this for hundreds of years. Men are always respectful and oriented towards attractive women. Know how to embellish and promote her beauty and talent like Queen Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth …

Today, costumes fully show irreplaceable roles and functions in human life. In addition to the above functions, costumes also show the personality, dignity and morality of people. Look at the way of dressing, and can guess the personality of that person. This, though somewhat arbitrary, does not mean it is incorrect. People who are polite, courteous, have a strong will, and have a noble personality often have appropriate and decent outfits. The weak and the weak of the personality often dress flashy, plain and freakishly, expressing themselves in a devious and substandard way.

So the question of how to dress well women is present all the time. Dress not only to beautify but also to show off your own beauty, assert yourself in life.

The meaning of fashion

We know “fashion” but never really understand its meaning in this life. Therefore, many questions are raised such as “Why do we have to wear? Why should we care about fashion? Why do we have to buy them?”

We often choose clothes according to hobbies, habits, and work without knowing that each type of outfit will carry different “missions”.

Costumes are not just clothes on the body, reflecting the appearance, they also affect the expression of the wearer’s emotions. So, if you want to start your day off like that, start with clothes.

This answer, in my personal opinion, because fashion is essential and important in our lives.

Fashion helps you to express yourself

How to dress well women for expressing yourself? Fashion shows us the personality and style of each individual through the choice of outfit design as well as the way of coordinating. Whether or not you are aware of this or not.

Fashion is respect for oneself and for others

You beauty yourself is the best expression of “you love yourself and respect yourself”. You let others see you, seeing you in the best way is also showing respect for the person you meet.

Create a sense of relaxation, fun

Returning home after a tiring day, we tend to look for loose-fitting, cool outfits. It may not be the most popular item, but it must have the necessary comfort level. A T-shirt, loose-fitting shirt to wear with shorts, jogger pants or a maxi dress made from smooth material like a relaxing caress, helping you “recharge” ready for a New Day.

Or every morning, when seeing favorite costumes, reminiscent of happy memories arranged neatly in the closet, the mood is also more cheerful. Today, you believe, will be a smooth day.

Everyone has many different joys and fashion is one of them. Fashion helps you transform into different characters through posing outfits. Have you ever been surprised to find yourself in the mirror just because you have changed a stylish hairstyle or you have chosen for yourself a sexier dress. That brief feeling of happiness also helps you to reduce a lot of stress and anxiety of the day and free yourself from those sadness and disappointments.

Motivating the thought of losing weight

French women tend to use ribbons under their clothes when going out for dinner. Physics professor Valerie Orsoni explains, that is how they feel about their stomachs when they are full, keeping them from eating too much food compared to their serving sizes. Wearing a pair of pants that fit, use the belt, they will help you know to eat your dose.

Step by step, how to dress well women

  1. Tidy up your wardrobe

Rearrange your wardrobes, just for one style. If you are the girl who prioritizes quickly, observe and remove unnecessary items. Cumbersome, fussy, difficult to combine clothes are not in the closet in this case.

  1. Arrange the wardrobe by color

Before shaping yourself a style you should arrange them by color so that the outfits are clearly distributed. This helps you gradually shape your favorite colors and choose the right style. In addition, you should also stop instinctively buying things. Invest in costumes, think about mixing with other items instead of buying them just because they are cheap or beautiful. Choose clothing and accessories that are of better material and are more durable.

  1. Take good care of the clothing

Read labels then follow the washing directions correctly – this makes the garments look nice for a long period of time.

If required, iron your clothes. Nobody feels good in wrinkled clothing.

  1. Understanding what’s flattering

If clothes match badly, you won’t be looking well and no matter what trendy even chic. Tight wardrobes look cheap that make your appearance heavy. Too big clothes can make you appear messy.

Only because you will get into the clothes does not always mean that it suits perfectly.

How an object can suit depends on style as well. For example, men’s urban clothing in the USA is also very loose opposed to a couple of conservative chakis.

Dresses can also be difficult to match correctly, since most women in tops and bottoms wear different sizes. When the neckline is flat, if you are seated or standing, a dress suits perfectly. Both seams should be smooth and flat. The cloth does not tug around on the chest, hips or pull around it. The clothing should be nice, and not tight.

Check your closet whether you have recently regained weight. Remove or change clothing that are no longer properly suited.

  1. Using the qualities of the body

You always ask yourself how to dress well women but you don’t even know what your body looks like. Each shape’s women is different, however most women fall into categories of apple, pear, banana or hourglass.

The women in the form of an Apple-shaped weight across their middles. They actually look good in Such a dresses with clothes that highlight the breast , legs while stressing the tail.

Pear-shaped women in the hips and legs are narrower on the top and larger. The A-line skirts, layered tops and plain, darker backgrounds look best.

Banana-shaped ladies are slender everywhere. In most clothes, these ladies look fine. Also they need to have some of the best dress pants for curvy figures. 

They will emphasize their form when wearing an outfit that produces curves: This feat is accomplished by flared trousers, curly waist lines & tapered tops.

Slim waists , full hips & breasts provide hourglass-shaped ladies. They look amazing in custom pieces and clothing.

  1. Learn what colors are most suitable for you.

Look at your wrist’s nerves. Are they looking green or blue?

When they appear green, you get a yellow base skin tone. Warm shades are going to look nice on you. Try white, red, black, orange and brown, blues and greens in color yellow. Excluding cake.

If they seem blue, they will have such a pink underlying skin color. You’re going to look cooler shades better. Try the shades of cream, pastels and jewelry.

Switch to the mostly neutral colours, if in question. On about everybody, black, gray & brown look fabulous. Add brighter colored pops – for example a light blue collar or even a reddish belt – to make the outfits more interesting.

  1. Dress at the right occasion

Many women do not want to reveal places – even fashion designers get this issue! Often, if you practice or choose to follow a certain dress code, purchase pieces that don’t concentrate on places you choose not to. For example, since your thighs are uncomfortable, do not buy mini-skirts.

  1. Concentrate on classic, not trendy models.

Gird your body with attractive, attractive clothes that fit with your character. Many movements now are going to do something, and often it is better not to do so. Force yourself into those colours, cuts and patterns because its fashion magazines don’t get you dressed well. Wear what’s best for you.

So be prepared to experiment! You will be shocked how your look flatters in a new theme.

Be sure to take face value fashion magazines. Quite much they want to “sell” everyone on certain models, labels and so on, rather than focusing about what is mode.

  1. Develop your own style

Express yourself.  Enjoy your own intimate, unique theme. If you are a kid, please wear clothing every day. Choose denim if you’re something of a tomboy. Dress like that if you’re preppy. Wear that way if you prefer bohemian. Authenticity is appealing. 

Add accessory interest. You will improve your look by making a sense about what works the best on you with comfortable choices that reflect your uniqueness.

Wear them if you prefer vivid colors! Dress a charcoal skirt & creamy top that look fabulous as well as work-suitable, and add a red kitten skirt or even a multi-color bracelet.

If you like daring jewels, everyday wear something incredible! Large hoop earrings will incorporate a t-shirt and jeans. A declaration collar will make a standard workout fabulous easily.

Take time to look at trendy magazines or blogs for clothing. It is not a matter of selecting an image then emulating it. It’s to contrast the huge range and to find inspirational looks. If you like those patterns or colours constantly, you know what it stands for – you really need to match your figure & coloring whatever you like.

Develop classic searches for different facets of your life. You will be served by a range of outfits which mesh well and fit your style. Develop a search rotation for work, the weekend, dressy activities and everything that you frequently need. Then both of these situations should be approached with courage.

Dress up according to your age. As well, old or too young women look inappropriate. Regardless of your generation, welcome it! Rather than being younger or older, you want to look the most fabulous.

Take the risk measured. Don’t blend in a single dress all manner of wild designs and colours. But note, it’s okay to try everything fresh and new. The trick to wearing though is to dress confidently in your clothing.

Alternatively, you may want to wear a risky, trendy piece, but you may not be able to see all the rest of yourself. If you love the huge shoulder pads that you see in fashion week, try.  Match them with anything slim or neutral also on ground and keep away from daring accessories.

  1. Subscribe to beautiful dress inspiration

If you want a lot of inspiration, don’t forget to follow fashionista, fashion bloggers or a character you admire. When watching them, you will ask yourself how to dress well women and you will be energized by a fresh energy, making yourself more energetic and more conscious in choosing outfits.

  1. Your wardrobe update

Start figuring out what you’re doing. What you really need. When you have removed the clutter, examine your closet simply to find out what is lacking. Your needs may reflect on your own lifestyle, however you choose to ensure in general that you have.

Now this trend, tomorrow’s trend is different, there are times when you want to return to the most basic set. At that time, always remember you have the “divine” combo of best fitting plus size jeans and best plus size t shirts. This is a sure indispensable duo in your closet, it can fit and comfortably in most situations such as when going to coffee, going with friends or outdoor picnics.

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  1. Loyal to its own style

Fashionable women never succumb to trends. They are always confused about how to dress well women, running in erratic styles. They always have “gut” items that show their distinctive style, match the nature of the job and respect their own physique as well as their advantages. It is the items that follow a common mainstream trend that will help girls shape their own unique personality.

This makes it impossible for anyone to mistake you in another crowd. Help them identify the first thing they will write about you accurately and simply through their fashion style, which many people call “personal brand”.

  1. Self-care activities

How to dress well even yourself is not well taken care of? You have to be beautiful from the inside to the outside to be a woman’s true and desirable beauty.

Twice a day, wipe your face and protect your body clean. Wash your face by tidy water and rub your skin via your hands softly with a dime-size face. Avoid roughly scrubbing your cheek. Rinse the cleanser out with warm spray. Daily morning and night before bed, repeat this operation. Since sweating, you also must cleanse your face extensively.

You will want to restrict cleansing to once a day, especially in the evening, when you have rough or irritated skin. You should spray your face every morning with warm water to clean your eyes.

Since washing your face, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Put the skin dry with such a clean towel after cleaning your hands. Using your fingers to spread a pea moisturizer over your skin. Be soft in the sensitive region of your eye as you massage the gel onto your eyes.

Brush teeth twice per day and flow before bed overnight. Brush your teeth with such a mouthwash of quality to destroy bacteria and germs which give a bad breath. Ideally, after any meal, you can brush your teeth.

Shower with a clean body once every day. Based on your personal preferences, you can do this morning or night before bed. You can also wash heavily after sweating. 

Make sure that your hair is shampooed at least every other day, according to hair style & texture. In between days, you may use a hair conditioner to remove oily hair.

Sleep every night for 8-10 hours, so you’re well rested. Getting a decent night’s sleep lets your body rebuild itself and makes you feel and look your best each day. Set a sleep routine such that you wake up every day at the same time.

Eat a balanced diet and nutritional emphasis. A balanced diet supports the skin glow, the hair and the nails healthy. Add plenty of new fruits and vegetables to your diet. Try to prevent refined foods, such as white bread, or stick to whole grains. 

Avoid skipping food! Try 3 meals every day or 5-6 meals per day and, depending on the option, caloric requirements and timetable.

60 mins of regular exercise a day is perfect for teenagers. You can pick any workout you like as long because it pumps your heart

Driving, jogging, running, visiting the gym, cycling & dancing are only a few means of getting around every day, for example.

  1. Choose for yourself a gentle makeup style

Make up gradually becomes an indispensable habit of girls when going out. Furthermore, minimalism does not mean having to leave a bare face. The beauty needs of women have never been limited. So try to learn makeup to make your face more delicate and radiant!

Choose soft tones to use. Even in a hurry, take the time to apply a thin layer of powder to your skin. At the same time, be sure to spray your face with mineral sprays first. A light lipstick is also an important factor if you want more natural makeup.

When you have the right clothes, do not forget to take care of your face so that they always become a bright spot. This helps you to be attracted by your natural, radiant look. Light orange and pink tones are often chosen to make up every day. She tries to apply herself more beautifully.

Things that affect when you dress up

The secret to choosing shoes, jewelry and hairstyles in a beautiful outfit like a stylist helps your girlfriend to be more confident and beautiful

Have you ever wondered if the shoes you’re wearing match the color of the dress you’re wearing? Or sit for hours choosing accessories and still find “wrong and wrong”?

To have a perfect outfit, it is not only the selection of clothes, but shoes, accessories and hairstyles to match is very important.



1. Choose the right shoe color for your outfits instead of the opposite color: + Wear a pair of simple black high heels or flat sole when wearing a light or bold patterned dress + Wear shoes High heels are neutral or nude if you go to a party at night.

2. Choose light-colored shoes:

  • Dark black and white dress, should wear red high heels.
  • If you’re wearing simple clothes in neutral colors, choose shoes with fun textures on them.

3. Choose shoes according to the main color of clothes: For example, when you are wearing a patterned shirt with purple as the main color, choose a pair of purple shoes to wear with.

4. Don’t use the same color: Don’t wear the same color from anywhere to feet. If your wardrobe has a blue blouse as well as a blue skirt, you don’t really wear blue shoes unless you want to do something intentionally.

5. Consider shades of color: For example, if you are wearing a pink lotus shirt on your body, try a pair of dark pink flats, do not wear a pair of identical colors as the shirt. .

6. Choice of basic colors suitable with professional situations: Option of standard colors for formal use: carry black or brown in office for wearing leather shoes, grey or navy blue may be used as well.

7. Basic color shoe cardboard:

  • Black shoes and white shoes.

For clothes, black and white are 2 tones that are basic and easiest to match and with shoes it is no exception. Typically, black and white shoes are often paired with off-color suits like black with white suits and vice versa. However, you can combine white shoes with bright colors such as orange, red, purple or yellow. Black shoes will come with dark outfits such as purple evening gowns, office dresses, … etc. However, you can also break the way when wearing either “white tree” or “black tree” to make yourself stand out.

  • Red shoes.

Red is usually the number one choice of women. This is a fairly prominent color and often attracts the eyes of many people right from the first meeting. Red shoes are not difficult to color because red is very suitable to show off the beauty of the costumes. However, red shoes usually go with warm and bright tones such as white, yellow, blue, orange … colors that show a fresh and intense vitality. Do not try to combine red shoes with dark colors like black or purple … because then you will easily lose the beauty and inherent charm of that red tone.

  • Nude color shoes.

But nude is one of the colors that is easy to match and is extremely popular with girls. The nude color is second only to black, but it goes well with any outfit. And we can not deny the attractiveness and sophistication of the nude color when worn. A nude shoe hill if paired with blue or beige outfits is great. You can also wear nude colored shoes with stylish jeans. However, a special point you should pay attention to is that this color is often not combined with flashy-patterned outfits.

  • Blue shoes

The blue shoes not only show dynamism and youthfulness, but also stand out with great harmony with neutral colors. Blue is often combined with gray, black or blue, yellow … etc. Outfits with eye-catching colors like red, orange and yellow are a terrible combination, so you should stay away especially.

Part 2: Choose sandal: + Choose flexible and feminine low heel sandals, low sandals suitable for all types of long skirts and pants.

  • Flip-flops are used for normal walking, doing odd jobs.
  • Strap-on slippers are great for jeans or shorts.
  • Use high-heeled sandals (straps) to enhance casual clothing, for example, combine high-heeled sandals with a simple denim dress.

Part 3: Choosing flats:

  • Dress in flats combine a flat skirt or over a pillow, shorts. Avoid wearing flats with long skirts. Depending on cases, flats mix with long sleeve skirts will make this woman appear unwound in some situations.
  • Avoid flats for tights, unless you have nice hips, otherwise your feet will look disproportionate.
  • Avoid choosing too simple flats in the office or you ‘re in a professional event.
  • Try pairing flats with a pillow-length monofill at outdoor parties, which are comfortable, and will look extremely girly.

Part 4: Choose boots

  • Boots are usually worn in the fall and winter as it warms your feet.
  • Wear short, pointed heels with straight jeans or jeans. Heel boots are sexier and help stretch your legs.
  • If you are afraid of slipping on cold winter days, choose boots with wide heels, however it may lose your height a bit.
  • Choose knee-high boots if your legs are long and have flaws in the lower leg, it is a great choice when paired with a skirt or dress.
  • Go buy shoes at the end of the day, because that’s when your feet are at their biggest.
  • Shoes with a height of about 3 inches (7.5 cm) are ideal, but if you are uncomfortable wearing them, choose a shoe height that makes you comfortable and confident to walk.
  • In rainy months, you can choose your own best wide calf rain boots to mix with your outfits, regardless of the rain, women still have to be beautiful at all times.

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The accessory mix is ​​outstanding


A beautiful outfit, no matter the style, always lies in coordinating the elements properly and keeping the overall aesthetic “solid”.

When you wear a watch, a bracelet, a few rings or a combination of all those accessories, try to choose a single metal. For example, they are all made from silver, or gold, in black tones, rose gold …

When the items you wear are uniform in a metallic material, you can ensure that they easily match your skin tone and show sophistication in your accessory mix.


Similar to rule one, mixing leather items of the same type shows that you pay attention to your overall appearance when dressing. You can harmonize belts with watch straps, handbags and shoes underfoot … Either way, this principle will always help the suit to connect between different parts and create an overall eye synthesis.

However, if your leather items are not 100% identical then that is not too terrible. Since dark brown can be combined with caramel or black, there are a few ways to break the rules. However, caramel and black should not go together because the contrast between these two skin tones is too great.


If you choose loose and complex clothing, be sure to discourage yourself when it comes to accessories. And vice versa, do not hesitate to highlight simple outfits with “bulky” cocktail rings, long earrings or large and prominent bags.

The same principle applies in terms of textures and colors. The more basic your outfit is, the more “land” you have to match your accessories, feel free to try yourself with daring items.


When starting out with accessories, many people make the mistake of carrying everything they have on their bodies. One of the most important things about accessories is to know when it’s enough. If you wear complicated earrings, skip the necklace or scarf. Understand what is the main accessory you want people to pay attention to.

As for the limit, the bracelet should stop at wearing one ring on each side. In general, if you are not really confident in your ability to match accessories, the advice for you is not to exceed 3 accessories. Because the purpose of wearing accessories is to express the individual style of each person. If you overdo it with too many accessories, they will jam each other and become confusing. Better yet, have a “protagonist” in the 3 dishes of your choice, stand out, highlight your personality.

There is another point you can pay attention to to avoid falling into the misuse of accessories, so just wear the hand accessory on the right side of you. This also prevents everyday activities from getting entangled.


Each accessory has its own inspiration. On your shelf, there may be items ranging from simple, sharp to many details, feathered, and beaded. When you choose something for yourself, try to match the accessory with the style of the garment.

For example, if you are wearing streetwear, choose dad shoes and a cross bag. If you choose accessories for work? Keep the words “minimal” and “subtle” in mind.

Use accessories to expand and enhance the overall aesthetic of your outfit.


To find your own style and suit you, try something new is something you definitely have to go through. Expanding your horizons about things you never thought about can never harm you.

For example, I recently bought a pair of square glasses, thick plastic frames to refresh my appearance. After four years of wearing round metal glasses, this change made me think quite a lot and somewhat tense about how others would feel.

However, it didn’t take long for me to regain my confidence and now I wear those glasses every day. I never thought I would like a pair of glasses that much.

The lesson here is, don’t be afraid to experiment. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the only way to find new comfort zones. Develop your dress, try new things and then you can count on your appreciation and match your accessories the way you want.

Hairstyles – show off your personality confidently

  • Hair with crab clips, half bun hair: Specializes in treating duck cake

The hairstyle that is most trusted by the women association with the trendy dress is the curl and half-bun hair. That’s because these two hairstyles exude a gentle, feminine look that blends well with the sleek dress designs. In particular, the neatly folded hairstyle with crab clips is more popular with women because it is both a hot trend this year and neat, cool, suitable for hot weather.

Although half-bun hair is less cool, many girls still accept “sacrifice” to dress because they are too pretty, both feminine and fresh, bringing the image of “modern muse”. attractive.

  • Low bun: Style liberal

The hairstyle in a bun with the idea of ​​”wobbly” but cool beyond imagination, becomes an expensive accessory to help women perfect their liberal and dynamic set. Low-bun hair is often combined with basic and youthful styles such as T-shirts and shirts.

  • Long low-tie hair: Gentle, elegant style

The low-tie hair did not turn out to be bland or “fragrant” as many people think because the beautiful and stylish girl association is scoring a lot with this hairstyle. It is often combined with gentle, elegant outfits, which help to complete the streamlined yet feminine style for the owner. To raise the trendy point for long hair tied low, wear elastic hair ties – an accessory that is raining this summer.

  • Garlic hair bun: Youthful and dynamic style

Is there any hairstyle that is both cool and mischievous, youthful like a garlic bun? That is the reason that many girls always choose this familiar hairstyle every time they wear healthy and active clothes such as T-shirts, tank tops …

  • Bob hair tied neatly: “Scales” all styles

The above 5 hairstyles are for long hair, but the team with bob hair is not a pity because their hairstyles have great “power”. The neat low-cut bob hair is not only cool but also suitable for all styles, from feminine to youthful, cool. Just a simple styling operation is enough to “weigh the whole world”, what’s more wonderful?


Prepare clothes from the night before

Many women in the workplace often ask themselves, why their colleagues are dressed well every day and themselves are fine.

They simply have been preparing clothes the night before, having careful calculation and consideration of what to wear tomorrow and then always ironing neatly, ready for tomorrow morning, there is no messy selection situation.

Thanks to this habit, you can combine simple outfits into different styles, have more time to experiment, make less mistakes, and not be “beaten” with tears. , unexpected holes in clothes.

Spend plenty of time when preparing

Along with the step of preparing clothes from the night before, you should also have the habit of getting up earlier to have more time to prepare.

By doing that, they never worry about going out of the house one day and discovering that the buttons have been completely deviated, or forgot to brush their lips so that their lips are pale like people lacking vitality.

In addition, when you have more time, you will have the opportunity to choose to accentuate a few more styles of accessories and jewelry to increase your attractiveness.

Wear suitable clothes

You may want to stand out and be completely different from those around you, but you should not be so ungrateful that you should wear a short dress to the elderly charity show, or wear a match-flipped chiffon dress to the company review meeting.

To be recognized as a well-dressed person, you must win everyone’s hearts, including courtesy and appropriateness.

Choose trendy clothing

“Fashionable weather” is not the principle of beautiful people, it only makes you more and more ungainly.

Remember to follow the weather forecasts and choose the right outfit, do not wear long maxi dresses on a wet and wet day, nor torture yourself in a thick leather jacket. It was very sunny at noon.

Wear only clothes that fit you

If you have just lost weight, bravely give up baggy skirts. If your jeans accidentally shrink after washing, do not regret it but try to wear them. Clothing has a lofty purpose to honor the beauty of a body, and once it can no longer fulfill that mission, retire them.

Beautiful and expensive clothes or clothes that don’t suit your body is just like a sack.

Carefully store your clothes

To prevent clothes from wrinkling, do not roll up thrown clothes around. Whether the clothes have just been washed, or the clothes you are changing and planning to wear tomorrow, remember to hang up on the hanger.

If you don’t have a place to hang your clothes, you can fold your clothes carefully. Don’t let one day wear a trendy floral print shirt to work and your colleagues think you have just stepped out from some fierce chaos.

Wash clothes properly

Women need to practice the habit of sorting clothes as soon as they finish bathing. For clothes stained with ink or food, which need to be disposed of as soon as possible, the new stain can easily be removed without the need for strong detergents that easily cause fabric rotting or fading.

Right from the moment you buy new clothes, women must immediately pay attention to the labels to know whether this item can be machine-washed, and expensive dresses and party suits, rarely worn, should be dry-cleaned at the shop .

Of course, should also classify white clothes and colored clothes, so that the white clothes always keep the pure white color instead of turning to the less subtle porridge color.

Be loyal to your personality

People are always wondering how to dress well women, running in erratic styles. You should understand that Authentic fashion icons never surrender to fads. You should choose outfits with your signature characteristics, simple, classic and never outdated clothes. Once you have found the right clothes to suit your personality and physique.

Q&A Part

  1. How to dress well women if I have a fat body?

– Should choose the sub-pages with size measurements to fit, the best size.

– Choose clothes that are sleek and fit to the body

– For grass-necked models, you should choose styles with V-necks that will make the body smaller

– Choose best jeans for big belly, high-waisted denim or some types of best plus size work pants with dark tones (black, brown, ripe plum color, chocolate color, navy blue …) with few details.

Secret Fit Belly 

Briggs New York Women’s Plus-Size 

– For skirts, girls can choose A-skirt or choose flared pants. The advantage when you choose a skirt with an A-shaped skirt, the hips are designed to be tight, exposing the thighs and knees.

– Should choose monochrome clothes to combine together, because normally all glances are coming from top to bottom, not from right to left or from left to right. As a result, the eye pays attention to the height rather than the width, the body is thinner and taller. So the pleats, vertical stripes will help create the illusion of eyes, making you look much thinner.

– High heels will be one of the options to combine outfits, it will both help you worship and improve your height, making you more flexible when moving in the crowd.

  1. How to mix clothes for small and curved people in the summer?

Choose oversized t-shirts

Any girl should immediately own herself some best plus size t-shirts in her wardrobe. These shirts will form a wide mass that makes you feel comfortable and creates a fit. At the same time, they will help you hide your small body.

When choosing these shirts and dresses, you should consider and pay attention to their design. In particular, you should not choose shirts with high collars that make them feel more pressing and thinner. In addition, she also needs to prioritize choosing shirts with light tones to create a feeling of more plump and fullness!

Bright color choices

If women with round bodies often give preference to dark colors, she should choose bright colors! It is these color tones that will help her be dynamic and youthful.

Choose fabric pants or best boyfriend jeans for curvy

Resfeber Women’s Ripped Boyfriend

The best pants for curvy petites and boyfriend jeans will be very suitable for tall, thin girls. These wide form pants will help her cover her long, slender legs. This pair of pants will help you hack the weight significantly and increase the charm and passion.

Rafaella Women’s Standard Curvy Fit

The characteristics of these pants are quite easy to match, so you will easily combine with many different shirts. Whether going to school, walking the street, and going to work is all right.

Priority is given to costumes with multiple floors

It is no coincidence that the multi-layered outfit has become a fever and has no signs of cooling down. It can be seen that this model will help her become more feminine and gentle. In particular, thanks to the floor design, it will help girls become floating and fit.

  1. How do I become a sophisticated woman?

An elegant, glamorous lady of luxury is relaxed. Study labels, groceries, music. Above everything, developing a sense value and learning to choose the brands that are the highest quality at the best price. Learn to enjoy the finer parts of life, food, music, clothing, etc.

Closing thought

But in short, you need to pay attention to being both beautiful and beautiful. The beauty in personal clothes must be consistent, in harmony with the beauty of the whole community. No eccentric, separate community. Insoluble between tradition and modernity, between the inside and the outside. Dress must be in the right place and know clearly how to dress well women. These two factors in harmony will create true values ​​of themselves and help people to see rightly about themselves.

In any case, the outer clothes cannot be completely concealed, fully demonstrating the human inner personality. Therefore, good wood is always better than paint. Don’t follow trends. Don’t make yourself dependent on fashion. Let yourself be the one to decide what you will wear and how you will live. Elegance is simplicity. Please choose the outfit that suits you and the circumstances you appear in.

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