You Will Be More Confident If You Know How To Dress When Overweight

You are in a state of overweight and you would like to have information about this issue, especially how to dress when overweight.

My article will contain quite a lot of detailed information about overweight problems, the harmful effects of being overweight, solutions for that harm. I will also help you to know the importance of choosing clothes to fit overweight and fit bodies.

Don’t skip this post as it was very helpful. We will list the steps for how to dress when overweight. This gives you more suggestions on what to wear.

Here are some of the basics of my writing:

  • What is overweight? Some information about being overweight?
  • What are the solutions for overweight people?
  • The importance in choosing clothes?
  • Step by step: how to dress when overweight.
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

What is overweight? Some information about being overweight.

You must understand the basics before you learn how to dress when overweight. Because knowing how we are, the choice of the solution is easy.

What is overweight?

According to the World Health Organization, overweight, obesity means excess accumulation of fat in an area of the body or the whole body, causing many health risks. In general, overweight obesity exhibits a higher body weight than standard weight in a healthy person. Obesity and overweight is a chronic disease caused by an excess of body fat. There is a certain amount of fat in our bodies, and this fat is needed to store energy, retain heat, absorb vibrations and perform other functions.

Overweight and obesity are classified by BMI. Body mass index is calculated based on height and body weight. Body mass index (BMI) will be calculated by the formula: body weight of 1 person (in kg) divided by square of height (in meters). Because BMI describes the relationship between body weight and height, it is closely related to the amount of body fat distributed in an adult.

According to the World Health Organization classification, an adult, except for a pregnant woman with a BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight, and an adult with a BMI> = 30 considered obese. The most visible sign of overweight obesity increases body weight and fat accumulates in some special parts of the body such as: abdomen, thighs, waist, even in the chest.

What causes being overweight?

Causes being overweight are:

  • Imbalance between energy consumed and consumed energy. The dietary energy intake exceeds the body’s energy needs, so energy is excess and converted to fat accumulated in organs and organizations.
  • Genetic factors: There are people who carry some genes in gene groups such as appetite-stimulating genes, groups of genes related to energy consumption, groups of genes that regulate metabolism, groups of genes related to differentiation. and fat cell growth. People who are overweight and obese due to genetic factors have a slow metabolic rate, which is difficult to improve.
  • Thyroid cartilage is a condition in which the thyroid does not produce enough of the hormones needed by the body. The deficiency of hormones causes metabolism to slow down, meaning the amount of fat is not burned, is the cause of weight gain.
  • Lack of sleep: According to research, if you regularly lack sleep for 30 minutes a day will increase the risk of overweight and obesity up to 17%. When you don’t get enough sleep, the amount of ghrelin increases, making you feel hungry and crave more sugary foods. Over time will lead to uncontrolled appetite, which is the cause of overweight and obesity.

People at high risk of being overweight and obese include:

  • People have a habit of using fast food, high-energy foods, eating a lot of fat, eating a lot of fried foods, eating less vegetables, drinking a lot of soft drinks, alcohol …
  • Sedentary people, middle-aged people, postpartum women, obese people in the family, urban dwellers.
  • Static office environment, sedentary or lazy exercise is also the cause of obesity.
  • People who are physically active often eat energy-rich foods, when they change their lifestyle, their activity decreases but they still keep the habit of eating a lot so they become obese ..

Harms of being overweight?

  • Psychological impact from oversized appearance:

Being overweight or obese makes the body too oversized, so it causes a feeling of low self-esteem and stress for the person who is overweight or obese. Overweight and obese people often lose confidence in communication, afraid to communicate and appear in public with stress, less flexible in everyday life … leading to a decrease in work efficiency.

  • Osteoarthritis:

Overweight and obese people are susceptible to osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic pain due to pressure from body weight on bones and joints. The earliest damage to the knee and spine. Overweight and obese people are susceptible to gout.

  • Cardiovascular disease:

People who are overweight and obese are often associated with dyslipidemia or commonly known as cholesterol or high cholesterol. When high cholesterol causes fibrosis of blood vessels, hypertension, stroke, myocardial infarction. On the other hand, in overweight and obese people, the heart has to work more often to pump blood to feed the body and in the long run, it overloads the heart, so obese people are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. Currently, the death rate due to cardiovascular disease ranks first among the causes, many of which are complications of obesity.

  • Diabetes:

Obesity and obesity is closely related to type 2 diabetes due to insulin resistance (a hormone that regulates blood sugar and quickly introduces glucose into cells for use), so it is a direct cause of type 2 diabetes. 2 in obese people.

  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract:

The reason is that being overweight and obesity makes the excess fat cling to the intestines, causing constipation, causing hemorrhoids. The stagnation of feces and toxic waste produced in the metabolism can cause colon cancer. The excess fat accumulates in the liver, causing fatty liver disease if not treated in time can lead to cirrhosis … Fat metabolism disorder produces gallstones.

  • Memory decline:

Children who are overweight and obese often have a lower intelligence score than children of normal weight. Obese adults have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease compared with normal people.

  • Respiratory disease

The accumulation of too much fat in the chest, diaphragm and abdomen will cause difficulty breathing in the patient. In severe obesity, shortness of breath can cause Pickwick’s syndrome with episodes of late night apnea that can be fatal. In addition, the operation of the diaphragm and bronchial airways of obese people is often limited due to “fat clinging”, obese people often suffer from breathing disorders, snoring, sleep apnea, obesity worsens arrhythmias breathe more.

  • Endocrine disorders due to overweight obesity:

Obese women are prone to menstrual disorders, polycystic ovaries, difficulty getting pregnant, and have a high risk of infertility. If there is a risk of difficult birth in pregnancy, the baby is susceptible to metabolic disorders. Obese men are often weak physiological, risk of infertility.

  • Obesity and cancer risk:

People who are overweight and obese have high cholesterol in the blood and high insulin in the blood, causing cholesterol in the immune cells to increase, reducing the ability of the immune system to kill cancer cells in the body. Some studies show an association between obesity and cancer such as: esophageal cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, hepatobiliary cancer and prostate cancer.

What are the solutions for overweight people?

Adjust your diet.

This is the first method that obese people should think about and apply. It is a way to reduce calories, reduce fat and increase food has the ability to reduce energy production for the body. When energy is input lower than physiological need, the additional energy used for consumption is energy from stored tissue.

However, the amount of calories tolerated and needed to decrease per day is not the same for each patient. Need based on weight, age, health situation of the patient. And it should be understood that the real period is not a complete fasting because fasting is so dangerous.

Activity / Exercise

Exercise increases energy consumption. You should gradually increase your physical activity such as exercising 10-30 minutes / day until reaching 300 minutes/week. Exercise can be applied such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming … In case of being too fat, the body is too heavy, you should not exercise because it is prone to joint pain, cardiovascular disease. extra heavy. Best of all, you need to have a doctor to advise on your own exercise regime.

Drug treatment

Applicable when methods to change diet and exercise are ineffective, especially if you have a family history of diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Drug therapy is indicated by a physician experienced in the use of the drug and who understands the risk of side effects.

Surgical treatment.

Patients and family members need to be psychologically stable and able to comply with lifestyle changes. Patients should be evaluated by an experienced doctor and a professional team of doctors to assess the benefits and risks of surgery.

Change in dress

You should consult and choose ways and tips to help you cover up the blemishes on the body.

The importance in choosing clothes?

Before reading the sections on how to dress when overweight, you should carefully read the importance of choosing clothes. Because it can help you cover up the flaws when the person you’re communicating with is seeing. This makes you more confident!

How you choose to dress can affect the image and impression that individuals give to others around you and how others treat you. Many psychological surveys have come up with surprising results, showing the real impact of clothing choice on the way people perceive and evaluate each other. Studies have also revealed that fashion styles can affect your ability to attract people on dates.

The original outfits were incapable of influencing “showing” the individuality of each person like today. Thanks to the advancement of perception and science and technology over the centuries, fashion choices with the ability to complement human appearance are becoming increasingly important.

“Psychological studies have also shown, choosing clothes must follow the cultural values of each subject’s society. For example, depending on each country, each color will have a different interpretation. Dress selection is rarely the only determinant of how people are perceived, for example body language can affect other people’s perceptions. . “- according to research by Timothy Brown.

Step by step: how to dress when overweight.

Step 1: Set your body shape

You need to know what kind of person you are in order to see the strengths that need to be revealed, the shortcomings that need to be hidden. Do not worry too much when you do not know what type of person you are.

I will show you, overweight figures are:

  1. Apple Appearance

  • Your overall body shape, when viewed sideways or straight, is round like an apple.
  • The chest is large and round.
  • There is little difference between the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips.
  • Your hips and shoulders are the same width.
  • Your waistline is relatively short.
  • The lower hips will be the narrowest part of your body.
  • Your legs and arms are slim, looking pretty neat for you.
  • You gain weight mainly in your waistline.

  1. Bowling left shape

  • The hip circumference is the largest on your body and about 25cm larger than your waist.
  • Your breasts are moderately large.
  • Slim waist.
  • Your thighs are large, and your hips have regular curves.
  • Fired calves.
  • When you gain weight, it is very easy to gain thighs and calves.

  1. Pear shape

  • Overall, your body shape is quite slender with the chest, limbs quite fit.
  • Your hips are wider than shoulder width apart and also wider than chest, measurements can be up to 5% larger.
  • Your shoulders are round and sloping.
  • The waistline is small, the distance from the waist to the waist level is quite short so the waist is quite exposed.
  • Your buttocks and thighs look pretty well rounded.
  • As you gain weight, your buttocks and thighs will increase, and maybe your thighs will gain more.

  1. Bell shaped

  • Your buttocks and thighs are the widest part of your body.
  • Your hips are wider than your shoulders and also wider than your chest, measuring over 5% larger. This is an important point to distinguish between bell-shaped and pear-shaped.
  • Small shoulders, small chest, small waist.
  • The distance from waist to waist is short at the navel.
  • When gaining weight, the buttocks and thighs increase together, but the buttocks will increase more.

Step 2: Find inspiration for yourself.

  • 7yOC An5FWwI5S5SHlR8deLX8VQUPBla4H gtHIOwQlLBEO5aa6irzyUfoI3mzRk4Ubla1GwPz3VsyF8EcsDRjQeJ8l eKWdTYjVOS2NDAb3MEc2Y5ILqlZCAts8NQLUtYFRTvCZYou are too disgusted with your fat or overweight body. Don’t be too hopeless. In the world there are many stars and celebrities whose bodies are overweight and they are still very confident. So choose those celebrities as inspiration in choosing what to wear. This makes you much more confident and comfortable.

Step 3: Choose the colors

  • The color of the outfit can highlight the strengths of the body, the skin or, on the contrary, it can be the “culprit” to reveal the unattractive parts of the body. You should determine your skin pigmentation as well as consider where you will go to choose the right outfit color. Compared to shopping online, going to the store makes it easy to compare the appropriateness between the outfit and the color of your skin. An open space will also bring a lot of positive energy and new inspiration to you.

Step 4: Choose the right material

  • Find a designer skirt and pants. Avoid flared pants and baggy pants.
  • Avoid fabrics that don’t form certain shapes such as flared skirts and “one-size” dresses. Instead, you should choose a waistline.
  • If you’re looking for a skirt, you could go wrong with an A-style skirt. Avoid pencil skirt styles as it highlights your hips and waist. However, styles like skating skirts can really bring charm to everyone.
  • Shop at least one pair of jeans that fit. Tight-legged or dark straight-legged jeans look great.
  • Be very careful with tights. For some women, a long shirt with tights looks more fashionable and slim. However, if you have wide hips, thighs or a big butt, these pants will look terrible.

Step 5: Choose accessories

The beautiful and unique accessories not only add flexibility to your wardrobe, but also help fill your clothes up when you gain weight.

  • Women of large size are more beneficial when wearing large and striking jewelry that small women often wear. Tiny earrings and necklaces will probably “disappear” when worn on your body.
  • A large handbag can make you look smaller, as it won’t be tiny around you.
  • Two or three large bracelets will make your chubby wrists look slimmer. The “dangling” earrings will make the neck look longer.
  • A suitable pair of boots like horse-riding boots can create an “illusion” of slim calves. Nice boots will make wearing pants or skirts fun.
  • If you have heavy feet and ankles, avoid delicate shoes; it will make you appear unsteady about to fall or sink to the floor. In contrast, canoe shoes look great, no matter how stubby your feet are.

Last but not least, have confidence in your appearance – there is a reason for you to be yourself, and no one can take away from you.


1. Mating tips for overweight people?

  • For chubby people, don’t choose clothes that are too tight or tight. Because these clothes will definitely reveal excess fat on your body, especially the abdomen, shoulders, armpits and thighs. It won’t look good and make you lose confidence.
  • You should also not choose clothes that are too loose and baggy. Because that will make you look much fatter than your real weight.
  • To keep your big shoulders away, avoid tops, cross-neck dresses or boat necks.
  • Crop top or tank top shirts will not be the right outfit for you. Surely the shirt will reveal your not slim (fat) waistline.
  • For shoes, flats or ankle laces are not suitable. Wearing these shoes makes your feet look shorter and more prone to splitting.

2. How to dress for men with fat belly?

In the new era, with all aspects of progress and development, the needs of people are also increasing. Not only women, but men also tend to beautify themselves. But for those with a slightly overweight body, especially the abdomen – where fat is most easily accumulated, how to choose clothes is also a problem that needs to be solved. Understand your inferiority complex, uncomfortable wearing outfits on the street.

2.1.Dress simple, do not have many elaborate motifs:

The basic rule is simplicity. Absolutely avoid clothes that are too cumbersome, picky with unnecessary motifs. Patterns, patterns will make your body split into blocks, denouncing the excess fat on you! Remember simplicity also creates elegance, elegance, not the other fussy things.

2.2.Dark shade is always a smart choice:

Clothing for people with belly fat should be a bit dark colors such as black, dark blue, ash gray … that will partially conceal the body’s defects. You can choose to match the color accordingly, but pay attention to the color tone so that it is not too deviant or too prominent, the contrast between the shirt and the pants. Choosing color is very important to help your body become more balanced and harmonious than seen.

2.3. Choose clothes that fit comfortably in your body:

Abdominal fat people are often quite difficult to choose clothing size. A well-fitting shirt or a comfortable smooth T-shirt will make you look more elegant and manly. That is, clothes that are a little more sleek will cover the good stomach. Body-hugging shirts and slim fit tops need to be removed from the wardrobe as it is only suitable for men with a well-proportioned body. Khaki tapered pants or hugging trousers are absolutely not a wise choice.

2.4. Make friends with clothes with vertical stripes:

Did you know that horizontal stripes, especially on the abdomen, will become enemies when constantly exposing your flaws? When you wear vertical stripes, the downward patterns make you look slimmer and thinner. Small vertical striped composites are very suitable when combined with jeans or black pants. On the other hand, striped details will never go out of style, so having at least a vertical striped shirt in your wardrobe will never be redundant!

2.5.Have a little high waist or use a belt:

Fat men are usually quite bulky with their body. Choosing jeans that are too tight and low-back is not a must. High-waisted pants will look better and cover the waist-abdomen more. Using more belts will create a sense of neatness, more thoughtful when going out. Comfort is always a top priority.

2.6.A long dress over the belly, V-neck:

Choosing a shirt that is too short is very inconvenient for people with belly fat because the belly will be absolutely denounced and it is also difficult to operate comfortably because of constantly pulling the shirt down. Be smart when choosing the length of the shirt as it will cover your flaws.

In addition, the V-neck shirt will also help your weight look significantly improved as it feels like your torso is pulled down a bit and looks more balanced. But if you know how to choose and combine clothes wisely, a fat guy can still confidently go out with his elegance and sophistication.

3. What clothes should overweight people wear?

Fat people often complain that it is difficult for them to choose oversized outfits. Especially, there is not a clear direction in how to combine and choose suitable outfits for her physique. How to dress in style while still making the body more slim and lighter.

About the material

Fat people should wear clothes made of thick, suggested fabrics such as cotton or t-shirts that hide some of the unsightly lines on the body. Jeans are also a pretty cool solution for both sexes, as long as you know how to choose the right color and style of pants.

In the summer, wearing a basic pullover with a slightly short peplum dress with flats, shorts, … will help office ladies show off their trendy and neat style, this is the way to coordinate. Smart, never outdated, or a cotton t-shirt with dark jeans, underneath a pair of high heels, is also a spectacular concealer for women. .

About color

We have also long heard about the effect of the wearer’s clothing color on the eyes of the other person, and it is true that it is of considerable importance. Usually, obese people are advised to wear outfits with dark colors such as black, purple, dark brown, … to look a bit more “slimy”, instead of bright colors like white, pale yellow, blue. pale.

About motifs

The details of the pattern on the clothes determine which part of the dress effect helps the body less plump. So when dressing, please pay attention to this issue. Experts in the fashion and beauty industry recommend that if you weigh more than usual, you should choose to wear clothes with small patterns, maybe tiny flowers or small plaid shirts or colored polka dots. white on a black background, …

About the size

You should wear the right size, not too tight on the body because it will reveal the fat that makes you “blush”. Wearing clothes that fit and fit your body will make you feel comfortable and confident when going out, going to work or meeting friends.

About the style

The V-neck shirt will help the body of the body smaller, this is a technique commonly used by office girls.

Accessories included

You can wear high heels, it helps you improve your height, makes your body elegant, youthful and slim, especially for girls. If you like make-up, draw your eyes and lipstick in a gentle color to capture the look of the other person, not to make them pay too much attention to the fertile body that you want to hide.


Through this article, I believe you have a more objective view of the issue of overweight. I also believe you have a good understanding of how to dress when overweight.

However, you should also use the knowledge of solutions that I have provided to reduce the problem of overweight. Exercise also keeps you in good health to avoid the harmful effects of being overweight.

Below, I will share with you a video on how to dress when overweight to give you a better look.

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